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M.F.Holmes - Sybersys Real-time Embedded Systems          Sybersys

Cybernetics .....

is the field of science concerned with processes of communication and control.

Sybersys .....

specialises in the application of cybernetics, i.e. communication and control, in REAL-TIME EMBEDDED SYSTEMS, through several means:

Customer Requirements + Sybersys + Technologies + Languages + Methodologies + Applications  ==>  Successful Results


Broad experience of the application of software & hardware to solve problems in the fields of Telecommunications, Networking, Instrumentation, Monitoring & Control in both industrial & commercial environments.


Many successful solutions implemented in C, C++, Pascal & various assembly languages for a broad range of target micro-controllers, with and without real-time operating system support, and frequently supplemented by the creation of both graphical, and command-line, support applications.


Development supported by both Microsoft Windows & Linux-based development environments.


Sybersys for the sound application of software, electronics & electrical engineering disciplines.


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